Why Should You Practice Pilates?


Pilates is about  whole body health and movement, with many benefits from working the mind and body together.


Pilates will stretch, strengthen and balance the body.


Pilates does not fatigue you to the point of exhaustion, but will leave you energized and rejuvenated. It can be a great stress reliever!

A gentle workout…

Pilates is a very safe form of exercise. Personal sessions are catered to your individualized needs. Modifications are given if needed. Pilates is weight bearing, yet low impact and kind to your joints. With over 500 exercises to choose from, you will receive a quality workout designed to meet your needs and goals.

But it’s also a challenge…

Practicing faithfully and learning the method, you may be challenged with intermediate to advanced exercises, learning transitions or just changing the breathing pattern. These are just a few

Joseph Pilates, creator of the balanced body exercise system which has benefits for any body, any person.

Joseph Pilates

options to challenge a client that wants to deepen the work in their body.

Body Awareness

Pilates will connect your mind and body together, bringing better body awareness, in the studio and in your daily life. It is mindful movement.

Stronger Core

As you develop body awareness, stand taller and gain flexibility, Pilates will develop your body from the inside out. Giving focus on flexibility as well as strength, gives you true power from your core.

Other Benefits

Some of the many benefits are increased lung capacity, overall strength and flexibility, decreased stress, improved posture, balance and coordination. Pilates is great for joint health and helping to improve body density for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

An Introduction to Wilder Pilates