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Why Should You Take Pilates?

In my years working as a pharmacist in the hospital setting, I saw a lot of weak, sick and  helpless people suffering from preventable diseases. I wanted to do something more to help  them than just provide medications. I wanted to help them before they reached the point of  being hospitalized. I wanted to help teach them to be strong and stay out of the hospital for  as long as possible. Don’t get me wrong, our healthcare is the best in the world, and if you  need medical attention then you’re in good hands! But what if you could change some lifestyle  habits and get stronger and healthier and spend less time getting medical care? I believe that  we are capable of taking better care of our bodies throughout our lifetime.

My mission is to  help people age well so they can stay active throughout their lifetime and stay independent for  as long as possible!

I saw so many suffering in pain, miserable, sad and depressed. Their  quality of life was greatly diminished seeing them unable to get around on their own. There is a  difference in a long health span vs a long life span and it can make a big impact in the quality  of your life. I want to help you be as strong as you can be for the rest of your life! 

Health and wellness is not a “look”. Health and wellness are made up of many components.  Such as, eating real food, getting good quality sleep, regular physical activity, having  meaningful relationships with friends and family and bringing a more mindful approach to how  you want to live your life.  

Are you ready to make the shift and start toward a healthier you?

I’m here to tell you that it’s  possible, and yes, you can do this!

Wilder Pilates Studio in Lenexa KS

Wilder Pilates Studio is conveniently located on Woodland Road just north of K-10 in Lenexa,  KS. We are upstairs on the 2nd floor of the Blue Valley Bank building at 10101 Woodland Road  Suite 210. We believe that Pilates is the ‘fountain of youth” for creating a body that is strong  and moves well for a lifetime! 

Our peaceful, calm environment allows for you to concentrate and focus on your needs during  your appointment so you reap all the benefits that Pilates offers! 

We have state of the art equipment that you won’t find in most other Pilates studios.

Below are  just a few of the benefits of Pilates in addition to what we offer 

  • improved core strength 
  • improved flexibility  
  • less aches and pains 
  • improved energy levels 
  • improved mood  
  • wonderful community of support 
  • highly qualified teachers that are continually learning  
  • sessions that are tailored to your individual needs 
  • concierge approach to scheduling so you don’t have to mess with it! 

At Wilder Pilates, we specialize in Pilates. We are solely focused on giving you the very best  instruction, hands on correction and support that actually help deliver the benefits. While other  studios teach to large groups, using a microphone with loud music in the background and  teaching a cooking cutter program handed down from corporate, we believe in really watching  you move and helping you to move better. So much better, that you could do Pilates the rest  of your life!

Late cancellation or no shows will be charged the full fee.

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