Recommended Products

Dr. Gross Pro Facial Steamer

This is one of my ALL time favorites to use daily! Yes, every single day. You might be thinking you don’t have time to steam your face, but you do.  I keep my steamer ready in my bath and loaded with distilled or R/O water and turn it on as I wash my face every morning.  I have it going as I clean my face and while I put my skin care on for the day.  It might be a whole 5 min while I’m getting ready in the morning.   I used to take mine with me to Wichita as my mom loved to steam her face.  We had our own spa treatments on the weekends! You don’t have to make it a big deal, BUT if you want to treat yourself like a little spa day, then fill it up and steam away!  It’s compact, easy to use, hydrates your skin, purifies and decongests as well.  It has an auto-shut off when the steam stops. I am actually on my 2nd Dr. Gross Pro Steamer, my first one lasted for over 5 years!

Melt Hand and Foot Therapy Ball Kit

You may have heard me talking about this kit already.  We used this in my Foot & Ankle Workshop back in August.  This is a great kit for hands and feet.  Everything you need is in the kit.  There are directions and guides to help you learn how to roll out your hands and feet for self-treatments.  The balls are latex free. This kit comes in a handy case you can travel with.  Some common issues this can help with are hand and foot pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, carpal tunnel and trigger finger to name a few.

Naboso Neuro Ball

This is a fairly new item on the market and developed by Dr. Emilly Splichal, a functional podiatrist and movement specialist. This ball does multiple functions.  It acts as a massage tool to release the muscles in the foot. It also has sensory textures on the outside of the ball that help to “wake up” and activate the nerves in the feet. Lastly, the ball opens up to reveal yet another small ball to help release the tension in the foot.  This Neuro Ball has many uses, before or after your workout or a long day at work, massage the muscles and helping with plantar fasciitis, improving your alignment for healthy movement. It is also 100% silicone. You can even put this in the dishwasher(hmmm, not sure I would though…)

Vision Board

Hey! This is just the thing you’ve been looking for! That’s what I said anyway! I bought a foam board before the end of year last year with big plans to make a vision board. I got so caught up in wanting it to be perfect that I never did anything with it! “Perfect is the enemy of good”- Voltaire. Someone gave me this vision board and I was so happy! This is a vision board for women and comes with 100 pictures and 100 inspirational quotes, plus some blank ones. I love it because it’s not permanent. As I hit my goals, or they change then I can change up my vision board! It’s cute, compact, to the point and a great reminder to help me stay on track!

Tongue Scraper

Another morning ritual is scraping my tongue. Sounds kinda gross but even more gross in not doing it! I can get in 3 scapes and that’s it! Needless to say, my morning (and evening) rituals take some time and there are no shortcuts. Kinda like exercise, you know you need it.

Breathe book by James Nestor

An all time great read. Go on a journey with the author as he travels the world looking for the secrets about breathing. Everyone has an opinion and there is lots of compelling information to learn as you trek around the world reading this book. I’m a firm believer in nose breathing and this book gives you all the reasons why you should be too! Not on board with all this breathing nonsenses? That’s even more reason why you should read this book. I’m reading again as I write this.

DoTerra Breathe Essential Oil

Whether you love essential oils or not, Breathe is a great one going into winter. The doTerra website says, “breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats”. Breathe can be applied on the skin, the chest, back, bottoms of the feet as well as diffused.

Redmond Real Salt

This is unrefined sea salt mined from an ancient seabed in Utah . It’s pure, unprocessed and full of trace minerals to provide nutritional benefits. Processed table salt isn’t real salt, it’s refined, contains additives and is stripped of its naturally occurring minerals.

Small 12” Pilates Magic Circle

The magic circle is a great addition to your matwork, as well as using it for standing or sitting exercises. It will help you find your “core” and deepen the work into the powerhouse. The smaller circle is preferred as it keeps you within the frame of your body and this will keep you connected into the work.

Hugger Mugger Firm Bolster

While there are tons of bolsters out there, Hugger Mugger is a USA made product and built to last. The firmness will help to support the body vs a soft and cushy bolster and it will hold its shape. This is not just for yoga fans but a great versatile bolster that can be used for opening the chest, hips, supports the low back and so much more.

Dry Brush for Body brushing

If you know me, you’ve heard me talk about dry brushing. Mr. Pilates believed in it! Dry brushing has many health benefits, albeit sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable. Dry brushing increases blood circulation and invigorates the area, exfoliates dead skin cells, makes the skin feel smoother and is overall energizing. And yes, it does help with the appearance of cellulite as it can help it look less obvious. Once the skin is cleaned and exfoliated, hydrate with a good quality lotion/cream. Don’t overdo it by brushing too hard or too often. Start with once a week.

DoTerra Peppermint Oil

I know you can buy essential oils anywhere these days, but you want to use a high quality product and DoTerra and Young Living are great products. Don’t waste your money on cheaper oils, these will last you a while. Peppermint Oil can be used for headaches, muscles aches, sinus blockage, you can add a drop to your water for a little pick me up in the middle of the day. You can diffuse it as well. You can use it straight on the skin or dilute it with a little carrier oil for sensitive skin. The possibilities are endless. Do make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

DoTerra Deep Blue Rub 4oz

Another must have in any household. This is a great product for muscle aches and pain and is a nice cream to rub into the skin and not greasy at all. This is a special blend of many great essential oils that will bring a cooling and warming sensation to problem areas. Again, do not put this product near your eyes, nor on any open wounds and do not use a heating pad with Deep Blue Rub.

Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate 14.4oz

I have used this in my home and in my Pilates studio for years now. I love that it’s a concentrated product that I can dilute to my discretion. It is plant based and naturally derived ingredients that are not harsh on your home or you. It lasts a long time and is so economical as I do not have to buy all the different cleaning products for all the different surfaces in my home and studio. As with any cleaning product it is recommended to spot test first.

Fletcher Towel

I have these in the studio and use them regularly with classes and private clients. The trademarked towel is a great length, width and has just the right amount of “give” to help connect the arms to the back and more. You don’t have to have this towel to do the work but if you want to splurge, then buy this one!!!

OPTP Soft Foam Roller

This was my first roller I ever owned, as I had a back injury in my late 20’s and this actually felt good on my back! For those with bony spines or you just need to be a little kinder to your back, this roller is for you! You can use it for relaxation, physical therapist use it, can be an addition in Pilates and yoga. I’ve owned mine for over 20 years, it is built to last.

Franklin Textured Green Balls

I cannot recommend these enough. I even make room for these in my suitcase when traveling! They can be used from your feet all the way up to your head! They are the perfect density to promote relaxation of the muscles. They are not hard, but they are adjustable for the firmness you prefer. I love using these for the feet and also by the shoulders, areas that need some love!

OPTP Hard Foam Roller

We’ve all seen these! This is a firm foam roller and you know it when you’re using it. It is another great addition to Pilates and yoga, great for stretching, self myofascial release, self massage yet can be used for high intensity exercises. It’s another versatile piece. I recommend the 36″ size.

Pilates Mat

Before I invested in my current Pilates mats at the studio, my clients bought this mat and they loved it. It is easy to carry and transport. It has much better cushion than a typical yoga mat. Your spine needs to have good support when doing Pilates on the mat and this one will be a keeper! It comes in fun colors too!

Small Pilates Barrel

I’ve recently had some clients ask about purchasing some small equipment for home. While this is not exactly what I have in the studio, I do recommend this product. Here’s why. I’ve had to wait close to a year for my equipment and this small barrel is ready to be shipped to you today! It will most likely arrive in a day or two. No long wait. It’s also a more affordable barrel for home use. And lastly, Gratz and Pilates Designs, while they make gorgeous equipment, shipping is a killer! This barrel has no shipping charges whatsoever. It’s a no-brainer!

Primal Kitchen Collagen Powder-Vanilla Coconut

I love the Vanilla Coconut flavor but they have many others to choose from. I add a scoop to my morning coffee every day to help get my protein in throughout the day. Chances are you may not be getting enough protein in on the daily. This is an easy way to help make that happen. It’s dairy free and soy free and I don’t feel like it changes the taste of my coffee. I do love coconut!

My Pillow

Oh, we’ve all seen this guy on TV! I was the biggest skeptic I have to say, but I’m a believer now! I’ve tried all the pillows and I wasn’t crazy about this pillow being a bit lumpy to the touch. I then found that I could move the pieces around in the pillow to adjust for side sleeping or back sleeping and I’m glad I took the leap and bought it!

Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Facial Peel

I use these daily, usually at night. They help exfoliate, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and clear blemishes for smoother, more radiant healthy looking skin. They also come in sensitive and extra strength.

Vintar Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

I have these in my home and love them. They are great because you can have them auto turn on from dusk to dawn or when motion is detected. The brightness is also adjustable.

Sticky Socks

I have these in the studio and have gotten lots of compliments on them. They come in a pack of 3 and fun colors too. 

Pinky Up Tea

It’s non-GMO, certified Kosher, caffeine free (some flavors) and gluten free!
They have some delicious flavors too!

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