Take Pilates

We offer the highest quality Pilates instruction, hands down, so you receive all the benefits Pilates has to offer when you are taking any private/semi-private sessions or group classes in our Lenexa Pilates studio.

Your Pilates Authority™

Private session with an elderly lady at Wilder Pilates

Private Pilates

Private one-on-one sessions with the instructor, online or in-studio.

Duet Pilates

Duet Pilates

Take duet or trio lessons to share your Pilates experience with friends or loved ones.

Small Group Classes

Semi-Private Sessions

Join our fun and “classic to the core” equipment or mat Pilates classes.

Introductory Offer

3 Introductory Private Sessions


Start with 3 single private Pilates training sessions with a certified Pilates instructor. This will be one teacher for one client.  We will take you through introductory sessions teaching to your level. All new clients to the studio are recommended to start with this offer. 

Must Be Used Within 30 Days After Purchase

Privates Sessions

In-Studio and Online

This is YOUR time! Private lessons are great for taking the best care of yourself.  

Private Pilates session taught by Karen Wilder in Lenexa KS

Private lessons are best for the person that needs someone to pour into them after many years of pouring into others and not being able to put their body’s needs first. We will customize each workout session for you to bring you back to your strength and confidence you remember from years ago and prepare you for small group sessions OR keep with your private lessons! 

Each session is 50 min in length 

New ClientsView Intro Offer
Single Private Session$90
4 pack
(30 day expiration)

Duet Sessions

In-Studio and Online

Duets are perfect for those that like to share the Pilates experience with a friend, co-worker or  spouse. Each person still gets a customized session but they also get to share the time with  someone they know, like and trust. 

Each session is 50 min in length 

Single Duet Session$110
($55 per person)

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions


This is a small group of 3-5 people. Clients must first complete an Introductory Package of 3 private Pilates sessions and be competent in the Pilates fundamentals to move into a class setting. (Click here if you need to buy the Introductory Package.) This ensures you know how to move safely in the studio and be successful. 

In class, you will receive personalized attention while also getting a workout. You will never be left wondering what you should be doing or if you did something right, we are here to guide and support you throughout your session. 

Our classes are fun and a great way to meet people! There is a sense of camaraderie in classes at Wilder Pilates and if you like the consistency of knowing who’s in class while also being held accountable, then you’re in the right place!

Each session is 50 min in length 

Single Group Class$45
3 pack$126
Single Group Class
(must purchase a minimum of 4 sessions)
per session

Pilates Mat Classes


Group mat class at Wilder Pilates

Meet us on the mat! Whether you’re new at the mat or have experience, we know how to teach the different needs that walk through the door. Such as neck and knee issues or low back tightness and pain. At Wilder Pilates, we work hard to give you a great workout, and a safe one. We have been known to convert a few “mat haters” to actually enjoy Mat Pilates. It is possible! 

Each session is 50 min in length 

Single Mat Class
3 pack$75

Virtual Pilates


Would you like to take Pilates from home? Or bring your personal Pilates practice with you while traveling? We are offering virtual Pilates lessons and have staff available on demand for private and duet lessons. Contact us to request your online sessions.

Each session is 50 min in length 

Single Virtual Private Session
(must purchase a minimum of 4 sessions)
Single Duet Session
($55 per person)