Three Common Hang-Ups about Starting Pilates

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when you are just beginning Pilates, but that uncertainty shouldn’t stop you from getting started. These are a few of the most common hang-ups that can get in the way of a great experience.

1. Focusing on the breath too much.

Joseph Pilates said, “above all else, learn to breathe correctly.” While breathing is important, and there are some exercises specifically for breathing, it’s more important for a beginner to focus on movement rather than when to inhale or exhale. Once we get your body moving, we will bring more awareness and guidance to your breath.

2. Worrying about what you “should” look like.

Beginners often worry too much about doing a move perfectly, or that they might look silly or get it wrong. Remember, you are learning a new skill, and your body is made to move. Your instructor is there to help you learn how to control those movements. Don’t overthink it; just get moving and make it a positive experience.

3. Treating Pilates like a traditional gym workout.

Old habits can be hard to change, even more so than establishing a new habit. Whether you go to the gym frequently or not at all, try to approach Pilates with a fresh perspective. Seeing it as a new and different experience will help you get more out of it, and thereby get your money’s worth.

Your Pilates instructors are here to help answer your questions and make your experience a good one. Don’t let these doubts hold you back from taking that first step.

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